Welcome to my blog!

This is my first post on my newly created blog and I am scared but in a good way. Idea, about setting up a blog, created in my head some time ago (to be honest a long time ago). There are few reasons why I wanted to have my little own space in the Internet.

First of all, I thought that the blog may be a good place to save notes about what I have learned so far. For instance, when I find interesting tutorial, course or article, I save it in a browser bookmarks. I have ended up with a lot of links placed in many categories and I always have problem to find what I am looking for. Thus, I don’t use them at all.
Moreover, I figured it out at school that I learn faster when I write something down.

Furthermore, running a blog is good for improving your writing skills and expressing your thoughts. I wanted to master English language and writing posts in this language will help me to achieve that goal.

Another reason why I have started my own blog is because of the community. I own them a lot. My blog can pay my debt :)
One of polish famous developers, Maciej Aniserowicz, started a contest named “Daj się poznać”. It encourage developers to start their own blogs and create an open source project. I have decided to compete in that contest. More information about my project will be in a new blog post.
Keep fingers crossed!